Trip ke Shanghai part 5 (akhir)

I love writing.I feel that by writing, I could pour my heart contents into a piece of paper and share it with the world.Some might be a bunch of craps, some really meant something to me.Gadget is my choice of obsession, without them, the world won't be as cool as it is now.

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  1. Banyak benda best kat Shanghai ni. Memang best je kalau dapat selit dalam itinerary. Ceh, padahal niat selalu terpesong. Terbeli tix tempat yang dah pernah gi. Tapi serius, kucing 3 ekor tu super comel. Rasa nak lipat2 masuk beg. And, mall tu gila cool deco camtu. Daun ke lukisan. Smart gila!

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