Science Fiction Triller “The pig”

About a pig

Definition of pig is any of several mammals of the family
Suidae, having short legs, cloven hooves, bristly hair, and a cartilaginous
snout used for digging, especially the domesticated hog, Sus scrofa
domesticus, when young or of comparatively small size.

In the galaxy not so far away from us, there’s live a community where people can actually talk to animals called
Palma Town. Just like our beloved planet, these creature live peaceful and harmony. However there was a prophecy that was fear for years and years until it was treated as a urban legend. The prophecy claim that one day, among the creatures that live in this community will raise a creature that will bring havoc throughout
the galaxy. It was saying that what was to be fear of this creature is not its tremendous power to kill, nor is it intelligent to conquer but its simple ability to persuade people with it superpower of tears and sad faces. All those
who persuade by this so call dark creature will turn their back against each other. Family will not talk to each other, relationship will be damage, friendship will be forgotten and badmouthing will become the source of all of these
conflicts. The main goal of this creature is to create chaos in the community and none could stop it. However nobody knows when or how this creature looks like. Nobody knew until this very day, except me.

On a hot summer day in our own world, on that very galaxy, a new creature was born to a family of wolf. The creature
was so unusual than the rest of the family member. It has short legs, cloven hooves, fat, short in size, cartilaginous snout used for a digging and it looks very much like a pig except it was white. The unfortunate wolf die giving birth
to this extraordinary creature. Since none of the wolf have seen these type of creature they call it Lookslikeawhitepig. The wolf and Lookslikeawhitepig live their live happily as other creature in this small community does. Until one

Just like every other creature Lookslikeawhitepig could talk and it also went to school with all other young wolf‘s cub. They learn hunting, bathing, socializing, reading, even writing. The Lookslikeawhitepig was not very popular in school and it always been bully’s target since it was different from the other. They keep thrashing it because it doesn’t even have claw except for its ugly snout. One day, it was cornered by one of the most popular cub in the school. The popular club was trying to pick the Lookslikeawhitepig ‘snout with its claw since it’s curious. Then the Lookslikeawhitepig suddenly cry. It cries until the teacher came and when they does, Lookslikeawhitepig tell the teacher that the popular cub is badmouthing it. Something unusual happened, those popular cubs plus the teacher went to the popular cub and clawing it to death and after they realize that the popular cub was dead, they kill each other on the spot. This event leads to the extinction of the wolf community. Every single wolf is blaming each other and end up killing themselves in the process.

Only one wolf survive in the end, the brother of the popular cub and it came to the Lookslikeawhitepig and try to take revenge upon his brother’s death.With a single look, the Lookslikeawhitepig said to the cub who is trying to attack it.”Aren’t you afraid? I’m the famous Pig of PalmTown”. The young wolf was stunned on his track. And with a single blow from its ugly snout, it kills the young wolf. Thus the legend of the Pig started….


some fictional crap i wrote hehehe even fictional have some base from true story.

btw you should go and watch the movie Penelope starring Cristina Ricci and Reese Witherspoon.



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  1. interesting stories hehehe…can’t imagine if somebody got a snout as their nose replacement

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