It’s been a while since I went to the cinema and recently due the pressure and tension that kept build up from the FYP and techno and basically everything that happened around me, a little movie time won’t hurt doesn’t it?At first, I wasn’t enthusiastic about the movie and I only happened to know the movie’s title when we reached WW.Me and Paan were actually looking forward for a karaoke session rather than sitting in the cinema for 1 and a half hours.We went to grab a bite before watching the movie.

Title “RED” stance for retired, extremely dangerous.a little bit about the movie review,Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is a retired and restless CIA Agent who spends his days doing menial tasks and ripping up his pension checks just so he has an excuse to flirt with his representative, Sarah (Parker) :-D .  One night, a special ops squad comes to murder the hell out of Frank.  Unfortunately for them, it turns out he was in the best in the business, and they’re the ones who end up slightly deader for the experience.  Frank then goes on the run to find out who’s after him, but first picks up/kidnaps Sarah since he believes they’ll try to kill her as well due to her connection to him.  The pair makes their way across the country and meets up with Frank’s former colleagues, who are also struggling with retirement.  Joe (Morgan Freeman) ogles the young women in the nursing home, Victoria (Mirren) is still taking contracts on the side, and Marvin (Malkovich) has become highly-paranoid and lives in a bunker (although that has more to do with the daily doses of LSD for 26 years than the retirement) LOL.

From my opinion, the movie excels because of its cast.  It’s amazing that after 25 years, Bruce Willis can still win an audience with just a flash of his trademark impish grin.You guys might remembered him from his trilogy “DIE HARD”,YIPPI KAI YEA~. John Malkovich has the most colorful character of the bunch and he doesn’t disappoint at all.  However, he also doesn’t chew the scenery or try to hog the spotlight and I applaud his restraint.  The actor who almost ends up almost stealing the film is Parker and she does it with a nothing role.  On paper, Sarah is a love-interest/audience surrogate and not much else.  Parker’s comic abilities make the character come alive as she nails every joke and kills with priceless facial expressions.And Morgan Freeman can’t get any more funnier even though his character stayed only as a plot device in the movie.


The jokes could be funnier, the action could be more exhilarating, the pacing could be quicker, but the film is still a success.So don’t waste anymore time guys, go and watch RED at your nearest cinema TODAY~~



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