If by staying, meanings I will continue to become your heart mender, then I will.Even if it’s continue to kill me inside.You said, nobody cares, let ME take care of you.Even if you’re pretending to show the world that you are happy, let me put the sincere smile on your face.I hope to become a distant memory,but I can’t bear to leave you like these.Why make it strong to break it once again, I already mend it up, I’m wont be the one who destroy it, even if something to be destroyed, let it be mine, or what’s left of it.Every pieces,every atom of it belongs to you.I can’t say that I’m strong cause in reality I’m weak, even a word can break me, no , you can’t break something that wasn’t whole, you can crash it into dust.Dust that will fly into oblivion, until nothing is left to be crush.

You give me strength when I was weak, You give me hope when I was lost, You give me life with your smile,with your laughter, with your EYES.Your eyes tells me the truth, even if your mouth is seal shut.Your action cruel, but your eyes didn’t lie.No one can break you if you are heartless, but you show me that Im not, You mend me, You love me, You give strength, You give me courage.Although in the end, I end up crash into ground into nothingness, but you came and color my life only with your presence.

All the while you were in front of me I never realize, I know, you wasn’t part of my book to begin with,but only, if only I could end it with you.I’m not in the point to make a request, nor do I have the right to show it.But as long as both of us knows, that’s important.

Please, don’t sacrifice yourself just for the sake of other’s, cause you deserve to be happy.Not a fake life,not a fake happiness but happy.Please, if it’s kill you inside, you don’t know how did I felt about this.You deserve to be happy, you are too kind.i envy you for it, cause I can’t possible do the same thing.

If you start with a lie, it will consume you for the rest of your life.You want to live with regret for the rest of your life?

We only live once, cherish it.

P.S:You put up quite a show, cause even I fall for it :-((



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