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Have you ever make hard decisions in your life?Of course , you have.Everybody does.Sometimes when you met difficulties, you will start asking others for their opinion, and mind you, some will satisfy you, some will make the situation become complicated than it has ever been.

When you reached the bottom line, and you have to make a choice.Choose wisely using your pro and con judgment.But sometimes, not all things can be solve just by using logic.then there’s only one thing to do.Follow your heart.That tiny little thing that has been beating since like ever.It will guide you through the hardship.Just trust it completely because if you can’t trust it, then you won’t find anything worth to put your trust into.

Trust it completely because the only that can kept on working after being broken, must be something powerful.No matter how hard it been crushed, over and over again, it still beating.And when it came to make decision on something that clouds your minds and judgment, it will make the right decision for you.Some people might think that you are crazy, idiot, genius, brave, insane,coward, or just plain dumb.But when you follow your heart, you know you are right even though it might looks like the decision you made doesn’t make any senses.Because heart does things that mind cannot understand.



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  1. Hey.. Dilemmas are hard choices where it seems almost impossible to choose one option over the other..I hope your decision went well and that you are now satisfied with your choice?
    Just follow ur heart :)

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