Bila pendapat anda sangat penting

I love writing.I feel that by writing, I could pour my heart contents into a piece of paper and share it with the world.Some might be a bunch of craps, some really meant something to me.Gadget is my choice of obsession, without them, the world won't be as cool as it is now.

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  1. oh itu ker maksudnya hahaha…tapi serius memang ada jenis manusia yang nak kita agree je dengan die kan? :no:

  2. HOHO.
    happened to me too.
    nevermind, just ignore these people.
    Allah pon suruh meninggalkan orang yg suka berdebat.
    dan tanda2 lemah iman itu apabila orang itu suka berdebat.
    hehe. aih.
    mcm ustazah pula.
    hahaa :))

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