Bila pendapat anda sangat penting

Pernah tak apabila anda mengutarakan pendapat, tapi orang tidak bersetuju?Ini perkara biasa dalam kehidupan, tidak semestinya apa yang kita fikir ada orang akan bersetuju dengannya.Tapi pernah tak terjadi pada anda, apabila mereka tidak bersetuju dengan pendapat anda it didn’t stop there, they try or forcefully nak suruh anda agree dengan pendapat mereka?Wooow..there’s something wrong over there dude.We got our own opinion on things, we got free will, and we got the right to hold on to our belief.sadly, there are some people who didnt manage to get the idea…Sharing opinion even put it on as debating topic is a healthy way to broaden your mind on things, but to forcefully asked people to accept the idea, the concept is totally wrong.Let say, giving you a situation ” I loves Nokia and this one other person loves Sony Ericsson, and we debating on which is the best.Fine.But when at the end of the discussion, both still stand up to their own opinion.And the other person is dissatisfied with the result still trying to convince that his opinion is the best.

It’s happen to me by the way in one of my blog post.Listen here, what i wrote doesn’t meant I was right and you are wrong, it just my opinion on things.If you disagreed with the opinion, gives some comment on it and we can discussed it peacefully.Once one of my acquitance told me that i should wrote about a post which he currently disagree with the opinion, and he didnt like those blogger who seems to agree with me.Hell, the world desn’t revolve around you, what?I shuould delete the blog for the sake that you didnt agree?funny isn’t it?I’m entitled to my own opinion and you are entitled to yours.If you are disagree with the topic and feel it wasn’t right or you don’t like my blog, then just  move your cursor to the x button on the upper right side of the monitor, and never come again.Simple isnt it?tak payah pening-pening kepala haahaha :-D

Once i got into the situation where everything yang I wrote down in my blog was become obsession by some girl.Everything that I jot down, she will link it into her life.And she will counter blog everything.Its kinda creepy and dumb a** attitude.Example, if I said something about a whore, doesn’t mean who i meant was you even if you are one right?I state it clearly that this blog is my opinion about life, don’t you get it ?the title explains its all, through my eyes :-D .I see, i wrote, i post .( mcm Caeser lah pulak ).If you want guidance, search at not my blog.Some people heh…Be glad you didn’t have any hideous low fat stalking blogger :pig: .

So guys, please,please learn to agree to disagree.tata :soldier:



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  1. oh itu ker maksudnya hahaha…tapi serius memang ada jenis manusia yang nak kita agree je dengan die kan? :no:

  2. betul ke tanda2 lemah iman bila suka berdebat tu?takleh jadi debator la ney :-P

  3. HOHO.
    happened to me too.
    nevermind, just ignore these people.
    Allah pon suruh meninggalkan orang yg suka berdebat.
    dan tanda2 lemah iman itu apabila orang itu suka berdebat.
    hehe. aih.
    mcm ustazah pula.
    hahaa :))

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