It’s August already peeps~ We already entering the 8th month of 2009.The fasting season is coming and Raya is just around the corner.It seems like ages since i jot down anything due to the fact that I’m having a busy semester at the moments.The PC fair was held recently at the KLCC on the 31th of July until 2nd of August.There’s a lot of attraction at the exhibition, not to mention those cos play models hehehe.

On the 1st of August, i finally bought myself the new 1 terabytes hard disk from seagate (huih, finally i get to land my hands on this monstrous space devices.I was planning to get it since the last PC fair, but unfortunately, lack of something called money had made the mission unsuccessful.But never mind that, it’s already in the past and now the little monster has it’s place next to my Compaq 360.WEEEE~

I’ve seen people with mask all over the fair, and it reminds me a little bit on how dangerous the disease currently spreading all around the world;the H1n1 @ pig flu@swine flu but i prefer to call it pig flu hehehe.Up until yesterday, i read the flu already consume 7 lives already, hope that the thing can’t be prevent from causing any death anymore.My university already taken a safe precaution by sending every single one of the resident who currently feeling unwell to the hospital.Although from my sources saying that it’s already cases of H1n1 in my U..Oh my gosh  :-( Even though some of my friends is hoping that we will be given early holidays, but I personally against it since it will shorten the length of Raya’s holiday.Imagine if you have to come back on the third of Raya day.Erkk~

There’s many assignment that need to be done and I’m having problem catching up to the Discrete Signal, well it’s not that I’m the only one.Never mind that, i will strive  my best in order to score in this tough subject and failure is not an option.I remembered how barely pass the Engineering Mathematics 3 had caused the downfall of my whole grade on my 3rd semester.I will do my best to prevent it from happening again.Although , i must say, this semester’s subject is a little bit tough.Well, if others can do it, why can’t I?And if nobody has ever done it, I don’t mind to be the first person to done it :-) AJA AJA FIGHTING.



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  1. dude, try to find and read a book called The Secret and you be suprize by what we can achived in life and health..

    1. i already read it.Positive thinking is the main concept of the book, some idea’s could be use as our guidelines.

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