Aku dah kahwin sekarang

I love writing.I feel that by writing, I could pour my heart contents into a piece of paper and share it with the world.Some might be a bunch of craps, some really meant something to me.Gadget is my choice of obsession, without them, the world won't be as cool as it is now.

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    1. Ariana:somepeople can’t helped it… dia orang kena up kan diri untuk dapatkan something.
      Raven095:Bau dia tak boleh tahan, yelah orang bawa Neo kan…
      spellcaster:tak baik cakap macam tu…. dia pandai, belajar tempat orang putih tu…
      hamema:tak taulah saya, lack self confident kot, atau maybe perempuan itu rela di tipu….I still remember, she asked me how to break up with him, haaa kan da nyesal percaya cepat sangat dengan cite tahyul dia…

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