Trip ke Langkawi Yuyu’s wedding 2013

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  1. Last saya ke Langkawi…1994! Hahaha Eagle masa tu baru nak siap. Datarang Lang tu still under construction. Dah lama teringin nak jejak Langkawi lagi sekali tapi asyiklah jumpa tix super mahal. Sob.

    1. Hahaha, saya tak plan pun nak ke langkawi, pergi pun sebab yuyu kahwin. Its a nice place actually if you can stand the heat. Not to mention the price for those chocolates, murah sungguh.

      1. balas kunjungan…
        dh tgk gmbr yuyu kwin, comel.. mcm ayu raudhah pn ada.. hahaa.. sna mmg terkenal dgn coklat nya yg murah tu.. klu prgi, msti borong bnyak cklat ni..

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