Third wheel

Do you familiar with the term?no, then okey.This absolutely got nothing to do with this post.I have been wondering, and I’m been thinking, a lot.I don’t know if what I felt is only my feeling,or am I realizing something.You have change.Totally.

It’s not the way you talk, no,thats not it, you covering it pretty well.It’s the way you respond to everything nowadays.The way you act, the way you reply your text messages.Im starting to feel that I have become an annoying merchandise that you feel “I’m not that bad to be thrown away but I’m only need to be there” nothing more,nothing less.Speak from my mind, I hate it.I hate it a lot.I don’t like annoying people in my life although they keeps on coming, so I’m asking you now, am I becoming these annoying thingy”?.

It’s painful to be treated like this, It hurts okay.. I don’t know what to expect anymore, I already try to keep myself away from you before, maybe thats the best way…I don’t know what am I suppose to feel anymore, You said it hurts to watch from afar YEAH it does okay?

This week I will be so close to you, but don’t worry I will keep my distance.



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