Masalah.Semua orang ada masalah.Sakit, duit, pelajaran, hubungan, berbagai-bagai lagi.Lumrah manusia kalau ada masalah kan?My lecturer once said that “life without problem is not life at all”.I doesn’t matter how far the problem take us down, but the important thing is, how you stand on your feet again.

I’m being silent for the past few months about my problem.Suggestion said that if i kept silent the problem will go away.Tapi, tapi, tapi maybe what I’m currently dealing with is a totally psychotic person, (I’m going to use person rather than the B word since I find it a little bit inappropriate).

Recently, somebody told me about her new latest entry.Well,she is blogging currently and had few follower.I didnt know if she is stupid or retarded since those who read her blog are my relatives.And something that I had found very amusing is, well she claim some guy is her ‘abg’ or ‘teman tapi mesra’ or ‘abg angkat’ or ‘friend’ or etc la kan… The guy that this psychotic girl claim to be her ‘brother’ is my aunt’s friends.The same aunt that she try to stir up trouble not long ago with my cousin.Retarded isn’t she?

I’m not here to mock her or talking bad about her or things like that…I just find it funny thats all.I’m sorry if you find it difficult to undertand my words since my English is pretty bad but I assume an ‘International’ student like yourself could decipher my wording.Or let me make it easier for you.

Cakap melayu je lah eh?Kenapa blog ini di jadikan sumber inspirasi anda?kenapa semua di dalam blog saya perlu menjadi ada kaitan dengan diri anda?come on, perlu kah anda nak terasa dengan gambar2 saya,cerita2 saya ,perlu ker ada kaitan dengan anda?tidak perlu sebenarnya.I thought based on your, sorry,english pulak, dari msg yang saya terima you got nothing to do with my life and my family anymore.So?apa masalahnya lagi?You are welcome untuk membaca page ini,tapi boleh tolong tak jangan kaitkan hidupa anda dengannya.

FYI, i learnt recently she to her cousin saloon, and to tell you , right to your face, blog yang anda tulis, dah dalam pengetahuan mereka.You hate me, you dislike me, but you bring shame to your own family talking nonsense about them in your blog.Come on, how retarded could someone be?I know you are retarded since kes langgar kereta dulu.Please don’t do the same thing this time, Celica tu mahal tahu bukan Proton… :-))

Sepandai-pandai anda, takkan lah anda tak perasan people are giving you cold treatment.Come on, even grandma pun tak suka kan?takkan tak paham lagi.So please la, i beg you to stop writing nonsense bout your own family.Whether you notice or not, IM not in your family yet.Even i didn’t know if i will become one.Redha je.Tapi the act of you trying to humiliate them makes me wonder how sick you really are.

It’s true maybe since nobody wants to be friend with you, you came to my friends and hangout with them.Maybe you could bear people talking behind your back after they hangout with you.They are my friends for god sake.Retarded, pity,pity,pity.How could you bear living life like this.

It’s good to trust people, hehehe as if…. you are acting like what people called as ignorance is a bliss.Maybe you be happy this way, so serve yourself.Don’t pay heed to anything I said.

All the best in the final examination.Goodluck everyone!!!!

P.S: we cool eh pig2:<——- feminine pig :-D



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  1. Just ignore that pathetic B…when the time comes just let people know about her precious blog…People tend to pretend when hang out wih her, we all despise that sick B.. :reallypissed:

  2. Funny,funny,funny…her grans?she most be really so unpopular among her family :-)

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