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Its been a while since i wrote anything because of my busy schedules.It’s been almost a month since I became the young junior engineer ( eceh~) to Mr Azizul from the electronic company where I’m currently doing my internship.Diletakkan di bawah Process Engineering Department, menjadi tanggungjawab department ini untuk membuat the new sample for each product which demanded from the customer.Currently I’m handling one of the product and the bad news is, i got the toughest model in the series.Lucky me :-D . So, after the sample was successfully been created from the raw material until the end process by me, It’s become my duty to pass on the knowledge to the worker to continue the process.Easier said than done, however with the careful supervision, I manage to deliver the knowledge to them.But the nightmare only just begun.One by one new worker are put under my wings, and now already have 6 people directly under me.and I’m expecting another 6  for the night shift.The trouble is, it easy when there’s only one people you need to supervise rather than six and the final product keep end up in failure even with careful supervision.I try to fix the end unit and managed to save few of the unit, however some of the problem is beyond my knowledge and expertise.Out of 20 unit that has been process,only 3 unit pass the final test.The unit really pisses me of and I’m kind of disappointed whenever the unit fail at the final testing process since I know the hardship to process a single unit.The HQ from UK keep pressing my superior about the production every morning in the video conference session.My engineer is suggesting that I also joined the session.Aduyai..hurm…if only they know how hard to create even one successful unit.My engineer said that our company in Penang who had 10 year of experience doing the same unit, admit that the unit is very hard to assemble.Up until today I managed to assemble almost 15 unit hurm not bad eh…Mr zul already move on to the next model and now I’m have the full responsibility to accomplish the target that they already set.20 unit per day..think i can manage that?we will see hehehe….

I made some friends during my 3 weeks, and had a little chat with some of them.Most of them came from Cener and Cendor which are in Terengganu and it takes about an hour to reach Kuantan.Most of them came from poor family.I try to ask about the payment , and believe me its really low and they have to work for 12 hours since the transportation been provided to their home only leave at 8 p.m. hearing their story, remind me how lucky I am.Most of them bring their homemade lunch to work.Sigh, thinking of those around me who are very lucky to lead such easy and happy life made me realize, whereas we are having a treat at McD, those money could support a whole meal for a day for some people.As I sat down and thinking to myself, those people who willing to spend 400 to 500 hundred ringgit just to buy their slipper makes them look funny and how they can throw money that easily.I’m not saying to those who are really rich, but some of them who prey upon the riches and those who try to show off only to standardize their status since their partner are so damn wealthy.How come those people could waste their time pretending to be something that they are not while others using that time trying to survive..hurm maybe people nowadays rather taken the easy step towards fame , wealth and prestige.

I got opportunity to learn few things during past weeks.I get to sit down and talk with a close friend of mine, and he gave me a very good advise about life.As I heard word by words from him, it somehow lighten my heart about everything.Been hanging out with my cousins talking about the old days.Having coffee with Mr Pokko and gladly we love the same drink.Been to the east grill, a famous western food in Kuantan a couple of times located not far from my beloved old school for quality family time.My little Trisyia is having boom with her singing career nowadays and she is very popular in her school.

All of these is a part of sweetness in a reality that really deep and scary.Face the fact that reality is painful but a pain everyday is much worthy than regret every weekdays and double on weekend.So cherish what you have, because you will never know when it will leaves you.



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