I hear the wind whisper your name,taking my thoughts again far away.
I just want to be with you,give my heart and soul to you.
And i’m hoping that you feel the same way too.
If only I could be with you.
I i was given one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath,
The touch of your finger upon my skin,
Feel your heart beating so close to mine.
From the first day, that I saw your smiling face.
I knew that I just saw an angel sent from up above,
You make me go butterfly in my stomach,
And I still feels them when ever I’m around you,
When I look at you, I see something rare,
A rose that can grows  anywhere,
if only that rose can be mine,
Touching you, I might bleed, but as long as I have you,that’s a small price to pay
Sorry,I’ve never told you,all I have wanted to say,
With each word your tenderness grows,
Tearing my fear apart…………….
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,
It touches my foolish heart.
If only you knew,
How much I do
Do love you
If only you knew
How much I do
Do need you
I don’t care if you belong to someone else,or if you never be mine,it won’t stop me from loving you-Radin Fadli,2011



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