Cuti and hujan

Cuti dah tiba hehehe..memang seronok lah time cuti ney selepas berhempas-pulas menghadapi peperiksaan.Nampaknyer terpaksa lah belanja encik idham memandangkan dah ade A dalam tangan.Hope he gets an A for his Korean examination.Banyak nak plan bile dah balik ney kan, the Y boleh hangout lagi, tunggu Am je balik dari amik razi then boleh lepak sekali mcm dulu.Bawak balik lembu seekor iyerp?

Bebaru ney, men boling jumpa pulak encik Pa yang segak bergaya, orang yang berkerjayalah katakan.Busy agaknya skang dengan kerja.So kuranglah skit masa boleh hang out.Baru je habis mendownloadkan true blood season 1, (skang season 2 pun dah abis)..kata Miss D semua orang duk mencari cd tu, takpe nak org pass ke Abg Mad ngan Iman yerp..(teringat Iman teringat lawak pasal gigit rapat :-D ).tak bek miss D kedekut cd gitu, well i admit cerita tu memang merbahaya hehehe…Ney nanti emstigi tgk ngan Syasya jugak, jgn buat mende bebukan sudah.

Tadi terima call yang Si trisyia akan menyanyi besok bersama Amy Mastura untuk dapatkan liputan.Bertambah-tambah famous cousin ku seorang ney hehehe.All the best tahu.

Hujan turun tak berhenti-henti, menyebabkan keadaan menjadi sangat sejuk dan selesa dan niat untuk berjogging tidak kesampaian,maybe kalau dah reda nanti kite boleh berjogging sesama untuk menyihatkan badan.So ada tourney just around the corner so , i need the stamina to go through those 10 long games.Dah lama tak men long game, risau jugak takde capability untuk bertahan.

So maybe kengkawan nanti kita boleh hangout, yelah time exam tak boleh hangout nak kena study, tapi maybe yang hang out time study tu dah cukup pandai, atau genius hehehe…leks leks it just a joke.enjoy enjoy jugak tapi banyak mende tak settle lagi, nak kene buat meeting pasal MLM dan bisnes printing.Dulu pernah lah dengar dari nasihat seseorang kan, kenapa lah nak amik engineering , architecture, pharmacy kalau kita suke business ? sebab business ney sesiapa pun boleh tak payah ade degree pun boleh.Memula macam tak berapa nak paham lah kan, tapi melihatkan orang – orang yang berjaya dalam perniagaan tanpa ada bach, master, dalam business membuatkan saya tertanya-tanya kenapa ada course sedemikian rupa…mungkinlah kalau amik course keusahawanan yang short courses tu ade membantu..apa ek yang die ajar?cara nak handle orang ker?or nak tarik pelanggan ker?tipu harga?belajar psychology customer ker?kekadang tidak kesampaian nak amik medic buat bach in psychology boleh lah belajar sendiri.Jgn sampai jadi psycho sudah, bahaya

Me and my cousin ada lah business kecil-kecilan menjual script untuk webmaster dan most of our customer bukanlah orang Malaysia tapi still kami dapat menjual kepada orang luar negara.Well kire international bussiness kan? :laugh:

So miss D, my friends, relatives… lets all become international level punye candidates.Go Go Go aja aja fighting hehee

So enjoy the holiday peeps… :rotfl:


P.s Notice anything different in the picture?



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  1. sorry for the late reply since i might have missed you miss latifah,first saya ingin ucapkan terima kasih kerana sudi membaca blog and as you said regarding it as an article rather than a post, meaning you are thinking very highly of my thought to deserve such honor.Pendapat anda sangat menarik since you stated that “ME assume that money is important” are you saying that it isn’t?than congratulation for you, since you might found another way to survive without something called money.Second, what is this all about “memandang orang kaya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri?” ..this i didn’t understand…. will you elaborate it if you will….thanks again for reading my’articles”… :-)
    Mr Nazz: is this some kind of scam to gain reader for your blog ?hehehe

  2. There’s this form of marketing we use @ Jinxbox & Nadzrul System called ‘Sniping’. This is obviously not something that you can learn at school or not even international business schools. Sniping is a new form of marketing invented by Jinxcrew, and this shows why Business Courses are over-rated.

    “business-evolves” and that’s the problem. The marketing method you’re learning at business schools might not be as relevant as what it used to be. For example ‘classifieds-ads’ < this thing is really old; used to be awesome but not anymore–

    If you're taking a specific 'marketing' course that's fine. But if you're taking 'Business Course', business studies, diploma in e-business; They all share one thing in common: 'pathetic'. I see no reasons why anyone should study 'accounting,marketing,business management,software studies,and all the other craps at the same time. FOCUS on one thing, redefines + innovates + dominates … 'nazz –" :panda: << 5 minit cari panda ni, baru jumpa. banyak sngt smiley konon

  3. as a conclusion…I can see that this blogger boy is really assume that money is important..maybe he a tyoe ‘memandang harta dunia kut’ or memandang org yang kaya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri…hehehe… not get angry..just my opinion after reading your articles from ur blog….

  4. I dont underestiimated the business field.9 out of ten pintu rezeki came from business.Only i didnt see any point in learning the business courses moreover putting differences between the courses, Separating the national and the international business.Like Abg M u dont need a bach to sell keropok lekor.

  5. Are you in the business field?sorry if you are dissatisfied with our opinion.I’m only stating my own thoughts.

  6. now you are the lover of :pig2: .. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :rotfl: :laugh: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  7. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: hahahahaahahahahahaa :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  8. Like i care hehehe.Love is blind, and according to the princ3 even he didnt know which one is his cousin’s gf,so why should we act like we did know.Relaks, if the girl readinng the blog she would be explode by now, she is not right in the head :dance:

  9. hey princess kan princ3 dah bagitau she send some msg,maybe Am is too embrassed to bring the thing with him.And no offense princess, you should be careful that thing might be reading your comment.I heard she one of princ3’s :dog: stalker.

    1. Yo Amran,long time no see.Still men xbox live?after they already banning almost 1 million users, its been a long time since i went online.Just finished Modern Warfare 2 hehe.Oh the credit for the picture goes to Abg Mad , he’s the one who took this picture.

  10. come on amran, you buat i malu jer..Of course i excited, he’s not with that short *&*^%%$ anymore.Wondered why she was not in the photo?I tot that thing ade kaitan dnegan miss D kan?BTW Miss D is very pretty. :-*

  11. Great photo.Captured by whom?I see why princess so excited, her prince charming is in the photo

    1. I’m in the electronic field.Mind you I’ve been thinking about why do i need to do those complex and complicated thing if i could just taking simpler business deg.?A close businesswomen once told me, that you didn’t need a PHD to sell thing,everybody can be a businessman as long as you know what the market wants.She a very successful beautician and well known in Malaysia and she was working very hard to achieve what she have today.”Working Hard” thats the motto that all of us need to learn.

  12. dah ramai sangat nak keropok lekor nyer..abis ar gini,sapa nak beli kopok ngan abg gitu..juai ke omputih jer ar.. 8-)

  13. Almost finished my law in UM. ;-)
    after this going to sell kopok lekor to my clients..

  14. My mum restaurant is very racist.We do not allowed local into our restaurant.Only international customer are allowed. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

  15. I must admit it, I have the same opinion as yours, once I was a law student, going through the hardship of studying to act and codes,makes me change my course into business studies.After a few months, i realize 1 thing, most of the subject can be learnt through real life experience, I think it such a waste of time and the only think those private sector even bother to create such courses just to attract student to pour money over something that they can get for free.Like Nazz, i think business is very subjective.i can assure you that you dont need international pass to sell kopok lekor to korean and american :laugh: .unless you restricted it to ” keropok lekor for international customer only”… well, funny businessman i might say who would do such things, either he was making a joke or he just dumb.

    1. Well,maybe having a international specification might had some advantages.In terms of improving one’s language while dealing with oversea customer,maybe they need to learn a few languages in the courses.just like the engineering field, all of us have our own specialty right?but i did agree with you about having to divided the customer, sell kopok lekor to korean and american , kopok lekor for international customer only hehehe thats a good joke.btw , what are u doing right now?

  16. we never know dont we?oh true blood..the show is about vampire right?well, he’s not in the same league as my robert P.But jason is HAWT~~~~!!!Abg m belanja kopok lekor … I’m half american kire international also hehehe 8-)

    1. Yup the show is about vamp.seriously abg am if you got kopok lekor stall, i’ll be the first one to come and buy it from you.1 point for you lil.I just wonder why he didn’t bring that thing over, and when i remember something that thing sent, she was not with him anymore.and then there a news where she wrote that people want to steal her boyfriend and such,so i wonder if she made it all up or just plain silly.Well, even exaggerating taking picture with my cousin declaring that my cousin belong to her.Well, i got lots of other picture that even i didn’t know which one is my cousin gf anymore.hehehe..well he’s a hotstuff now, so can’t blame all the girls ayte?it aint right…so lil best of luck…muahaha

  17. hehe, come on la fyna, as if she going to read the princ3 blog…come to my house this weekend yar? :-*

  18. Bukak CC takyah ade degree in bisness..tak pung jual kopok lekor…sonang…omputih pun mai beli kalau kopok sedak takyoh nak berinternational level

  19. Back in ktn already?enjoy your holiday yup.Bussiness is about passion.No paper can beat that.You guys are selling script to the webmaster?so thats already put you guys in international level hehehe….princess,you really envy that guy eh?wait until upload your picture with him hehe.. 8-)

  20. Yup my mum owns a restaurant and she didnt even hold a bachelor in business.Only her passion through cooking make the business went so well.I love you mum!!!
    I know there are differences in the picture ..there’s no fat and short thingy hehe…
    love you am!!!muax :-*

  21. betul,betul,most of the world level leading business figure such as bill gates,warren buffet,steve job,michael dell didnt possess specific bushiness requirement yet,their product and idea sold millions and millions each day.Kire sampaikan ade product dieorang yang orang mesti pakai.Even the world richest is a drop out, tapi jgn lah amik contoh ney pulak nak drop out pasal nak jadi bill Gates hehe ;-)

  22. Business ni semua mende boleh apply. Sebab tu kt Jinxbox, kita ada terms “Business All Niches” Yg bermaksud business tu GLOBAL. Yang penting “Niche”, what are you interested in? If you’re a gamer; you can make a business dedicated to “Gaming”. If you’re a jock, maybe you can open your own class, or write books about sports and stuff.

    Technically it is more important to “Know-Your-Niche” rather than to “Know-Your-Business”. You can crunch numbers; but if your products don’t sell – You’re not gonna be crunching numbers any sooner. :rotfl:

    – Jinxbox + Nadzrul System FOR THE WORLD!

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