2 weeks ~

Assignment, lab report, Assessment, presentation, visit, quiz, and examination are the things that need to be taken care off for this 2 upcoming week.Entah lah, i don’t know how people managed to get pass this sort of thing in just 2 weeks, 2weeks!!!

The closer it get to raya, it suppose to be fun and exciting, although this kind of situation had taken the fun from it.Final Destination just launch recently, and i haven’t even gotten the chance to watch it.Don’t do laro thingy in the fasting month some said to me, well as long as i went there and watch the movie i can’t see any laro thingy can happen.The ugly part is, some of those who rather stayed at home during the fasting month, spending their time sleeping and waiting for the time for break fast, isn’t that amusing?

Raya celebration should be fun and i guess, most of you guys have already made raya shopping spree, hehehehe..however, something bothering me though.With all the ruckus for these couple of months or might i said incident upon incident starting from the beginning of this year, made me felt a little bit uncomfortable.Well, these are the time when friends and relatives get together and like past years, just like everyone else, my life is also great.However due to someone’s doing, most of my relationship has become severely damaged.All of the rumors, gossips,blogs, manipulation, drama,incident made me felt this year won’t be the same as the last one.

I wish i never bump to that girl this year, although my heart desire said i WISH I NEVER BUMP with that THINGY ‘BENDA ALAH” in my life.She is one hell of manipulator, story teller,drama queen and low life, the greatest that i have met i my life.Before this, i never knew that such thing could exist in this land, hahaha shame on me.Shame on me because even i falled for those stupid drama queen tear’s trick.Not until her tembelang pecah did i know , she was the lowest being that you could ever met.

Once i promise myself i never get into problems involving this female creature that god created,especially with my friends.However this creature even managed to distort the relationship that i had with my best friend and due to the fact that he is also a relative of mine made the case even worst.Well, you certainly can avoid an outsider but how can you avoid seeing your own relative.I try to understand what kind of creature that this being is made of, and my closest assumption H1N1 there you have it…the most deadly virus constantly spreading in our world today, although in this kind of situation.It’s my world.

You can keep doing the turn off, breaking up, made up with my junior, my friend, and my relatives but you won;t get far as long as there’s somebody keep an eye on you, your mindless stupid message trick using your mum or your family won’t work.Come on , the same trick won’t work twice.Although, the incident where you ramp my cousin car could be seen as lunatic kind of behavior, regardless that you even give the RECEIPT to my cousin it doesn’t shut one’s eyes on the thing that you already done.Fabricating  stories to ask for sympathy from those around your victim is a foolish act, cause even your own family knows what kind of person you are..and they already warn us about your behaviour.The things you do to your own sister, your own boyfriend, even your closest cousin already reached my ears.

Am i making up this kind of stories? let’s check back, we go a way back to the time when you made a blog of your on on the myspace about how “you wouldn’t even steal your cousin boyfriend’ AUWWW ..come on get a grip.Should you write those kind of thing?or how about pet?you like pet don’t you and you should know better the sensitivity of the topic and yet, you still wrote those kind of things.What’s the mission?humiliating your own family?kinda funny right if you managed to do something like that, how can possible I, as an outsider will get a better treatment than that…

This blog is dragging on, and i think i must stop here before I become to enthusiastic in elaborating every single thing that you have done not to me, but to your own family.Using the ‘family trick’ to get to your goal is   lame.Getting close to your prey and getting along with those close to us, is an old fashion way of doing thing nowadays.Maybe right now you already indulged yourself in the comfortable world since i lay low don’t you?have any favorite’s drink at the nearest starbuck cafe?perhap that thing that you offer me at the TIME SQUARE last time remember?Disgusting~As if i would share a drink with you…you must be ot of your mind if you ask me.

Hope i never got the chance to bump into you in the near future.Cause if i would by any chance bump into you, trust me, you won’t like it.

P.S i wished the picture up above should be like this



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  1. guess you are correct~
    sometimes, not matter how hard we try, it would be pointless
    the only thing i regret is , i met that kind of people who willing to do anything to break people apart…although some of us who had brain and mind could easily predict this..some are blind..blinded by all those talk, promises and drama…

  2. While you my dear friend exuded calm authority, inside you must have been seething. The interval introductions of losing something precious and all kind of tests hinted at displeasure, so your well-taken step to remain calm after the sudden shock would have gone down well with the people around you mate. I’m sure we can;t always have what we want, dan life isn’t really fair in contrast to what we have been told. Just live your life as you want and be strong. Eyp, i have said this before, havent i?

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