Harini seorang insan dilahirkan ke dunia kira2 setengah abad yang lepas.Takleh bagi tahun nanti kantoi umur  :-D ,secret makes a woman beautiful ain’t it right?Seorang yang penyayang tetapi tegas walaupun tegas di luar tapi di dalam nya lembut, I know it lah of course.Macam2 mampu di lakukan oleh wanita ini, dari kerja rumah hinggalah ke sukan, she beat meonce in bowling well not once but more than twice but not more than ten times argghhhh why am I trying to explain this situation to you readers ngeh`~~~ Basically she is capable of everything.

I don’t know whether I’m just imagining things or I know something.She’s a good mind reader or heart reader or whatever you want to call it.I cant count the times when I wished for something, silently ok, I didnt tell anyone but only to myself, I want Pizza for example and tup tup when she got back from work, there’s pizza on the table.when it happen once , those of you who didnt familiar with a rules of large number might called it coincidence , but if it happen more than once , sometimes it give you goosebump.Seriously I never met someone who knew so much, she know how to cook, sew,bake,memacam lagi..she good with drawing which I’m really horrible at, well I can draw doraemon if you want me too…huh`~

I love her with all my heart, I remember how she tried to act tough when she heard I had an accident a couple years ago… I know, She sounds mad, but actually she was worried.Worried that she might lose me… Come to think of it, I really made lots of people cry on that day,Shame on me.I know, I can be hot headed sometimes, but one thing I’m afraid, Go against her advise,cause I know bad things will happen to me.Just like uncle ibrahim mom told him,when he decided to join the police force, its something like that…

Saya tahu, saya tak dapat membalas budi anda sampai bila2, even dengan semua wang ringgit dalam dunia ni tak boleh membalas jasamu.So i dedicated this post to you, Pn Rosita bt Ismail… My mom, Happy Birthday.i love you and may Allah Bless you always….




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