Ulu Yam
Ulu Yam

Me and a couple of friends went to ulu yam last semester.We had a picnic and BBQ..The view was splendid and hope i would be able to bring Dilla (Ms.D) together with me one day.We start from university at 11 a.m and reach ther around noon.We prepare the BBq place and also choose the suitable spot to bath.I went there with Napi, Acap,Ustaz,Kimi,Zahid,Buu,Cikgu,Khidir,Gaffur,Fizan,Din,Amir,and Amzar.We had a lot of fun together, I was having fever on that day and i can’t join them swimming in that cold water..Seem like the photographing job is for me.It was actually my birthday and they plan to do something nasty to me, well that was not going to happen guys.At 4, we decide to went back and on the way back it was raining heavily.Well, unlucky for me, the car that contain me in it skid at the curve and hit the divider.Then the car came tumbling down from the road and into the gorge nearby.Lucky we are still alive.I had a cut on my face and i still remember if the front window didn’t break all of us doesn’t have opportunity to get out from the car due to the pressure from the water.

I still remember the moment i was trying to get out from the car, i was stepping on the broken glasses.funny how thing doesn’t seem to cause any pain at that moment maybe because im still in shock.The moment the car was coming down from the road, i was wondering , people always said that they will die on their birthday and i think this is the end for me.Is it lucky for me to survive the incident or is it only cause other injure to me later on the future ?i don’t know.the result i had a 12 stitches onto my face. My pink colour shirt turn into red.Im started to feel dizzy, but i try to be strong not to pass out.guess that would be a new experience for me.

the car
the car


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3 Responses

  1. gile ah!
    luckily u’r still alive, leh jumpe pah comel lagi
    tu lah derhaka tak ajak pah g ulu yam
    uish lame tak gi
    jom2. *serik ke?

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