Date that i will never forget.I just finish my diploma after 4 month of industry practical.I went back to my hometown.i went to my beloved place the bowling alley.I met her there, introduce by my cousin.i cant forget that moment,her smile, her eyes.I met a lot of girls in my life, but there’s something about her that made me stutter and made my heart beat fast.I’m not being myself.I lie when they ask  me to join them drinking.But i was chewing a gum at the moment.

I remember i got my present from her , a pink shirt my favorite colour.Seems like i already gotten the most valuable prize anyone could have imagine.People might see the shirt as the gift, but that very same day Allah S.W.T present her to me.I remember spending hours after hours speaking with her through the phone.Months after months pass, and there’s nothing could come between us.People admire how we are able to maintain without slight of issue arise that led to quarreling and fighting.

I remember how i receive a bouquet of bears on the Valentine’s Day. I admit it , i didn’t celebrate the Valentine ‘s Day so i wasn’t hoping to get anything,plus she was not in kuantan at that time.The time i was sick, she went to my house to pass me the Mc Donald porridge.When i was at work, she came and ate with me.At one time , i was having a fever, she even bother to bring those panadol to me.Could i ask for anyone better?

Then i remember how happy she was when she received application for the university of her choice.And i was able to celebrate it with her on that day.Yeah, we are both university student now.Every single day i went out with her, only god know the  joy that i felt.Seriously i wasn’t that good to express my feeling towards other.

Those time when i watch horror movie with her, i remember how her reaction.She will hold my hand tight, likes that was the only thing that could give her strength.One time when we are watching a sad movie,i remember her tears rundown from his cute face.Try to act strong, she denies it.It was the I Am Legend acted by Will Smith.Part which Will have to kill his dog due to virus infection.

Every single phone call must be end with the “I love You’ phrase.I know it can’t be help since i know she truly in love with me.Being myself, sometimes, no most of the time i didnt respond to it,since that phrase according to me is to valuable to be utter most of the time.Foolish of me, that word didn’t need special time to utter it.If you could utter it everyday, it doesn’t become worse but it will become more clearly that you meant it.

She gave me perfume from outstate.till today, i didn’t use it since i want to treasure it.And look at me blaming on the thing that she kept, maybe that’s the reason she doing the same thing keeping those thing.Most of the time, we be wearing the same colour of shirt without planning to do so.People said when your heart are close to each other this will happen.

Her favorite teh tarik will accompany her every time we went out to dine together.Although sometimes she rant on how it will effect her health but deep down inside i know she really love that drink.She like to laugh and every time she giggle, im happy that she’s happy.

Most of the time she will introduce me to new music.Last nite, Loneliness, among the title that i love.And i even addicted to when you’re gone by basshunter.I starting to like the korea drama back since autumn in my heart also because of her.Seems like she introduce me to lot of stuff doesn’t she?

Back in the days we used to hang out together, i remember we need to reach for her 11 p.m. curfew.it suck doesn’t it? i feel it now.She likes Rain the korean actor, although i bet she doesn’t understand a single word that came out from that guy mouth =P.

Her secret recipe favorite apple kasturi and the chocolate indulgence was her choice when we went there.We use to argue that my caramel afogato is expensive and the secret recipe recipe is much more cheaper.But i manage to make she like my favorite drink hehehe.

She likes to dance, an even better dancer than me.The time we waltz at my home following the only god know who could waltz to that music.the important thing is she was always with me.Sometimes i felt like im useless if i was unable to ease her pain during her painful and hard time.i wish i was better person for her.

12.11.2008 the day i had that unfortunate accident.i thought i was a goner.i felt even worse when she cried for me.Damn, you not suppose to make the one you love cry for you.I’m so sorry for that.

She told me that she afraid of losing me, the truth is i was much more afraid of losing her.Being away from each other, makes my feeling even worse.Afraid that someone will tkae her from me, or even worse she walk away from me.i don’t want to lose you.And i hope you still the same.The only one that i will always love, My Siti Adilla



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