3rd World Lefties

It’s Saturday already and I have been waiting for this day.Well, a little bit nervous actually since today is the day where the 3rd world lefties tournament will be held at the Sunway Pyramid.For those who didn’t know, the 3rd world Lefties Tournament was dedicated to the left handed bowler throughout the world and everybody is celebrating this event everywhere in the world for us the lefties , of course.

So been participating in this tournament for the third time, hajat untuk menang berkobar – kobar di dalam diri.In the First world meet, I managed to get the 4th position overall placing.Last year, it was my best performance ever since i was leading the pack of over hundred of other lefties, unfortunately, tewas di pusingan pertama final dan menempatkan diriku di tempat ke 8 OUCHH!!!! total lost of rm 4400 haih..I was hoping that this year event will be much better than the previous one, but i was wrong.This year i hit the train wreck~

Starting with 217 follow by 188 and cover again with 217 seems like everything is going according to plan, a trainwreck on the fourth game drag everything to drain with 141.The lane started to get a little bit dry and I’m having difficulties with the back end where my bowl started to dive 2 times.Managed only 182,192,179 and 189 for the last game with the total average of 195 put me under the par to even qualify for the 16th placing.The worst year ever and surprisingly how can i expect anything if I only been bowling twice for the past 6 weeks.Not to mention that the ball is getting out of shape due to it’s servicing years to me almost entered the 4th years now.Maybe next year there will be another chance for me,hopefully.

Untuk mengubat luka di hati, Miss D mengajak untuk makan malam bersama.Well, we head to the Tony Roma . Well, while eating the delicious steak and the salmon acompanied by those weird bread and variety of sauce, we talked about lots of stuff and surprisingly, i notice that we seldom had this kind of conversation since the incident of that “You Know Who”.

tony roma


After dinner, we parted and went straight back home.It was a tiring day but it was worthwhile.I met some of old friend Khoo Ren Chung,Afyna, Afifah,Unc Fariq,Kak Zila and few of those guys who come all the way from Kuantan who knew me but unfortunately i don’t have any idea who they were hehehe sorry…I’m having difficulties to remember people’s name, it easier to remember the face though`…By the way thanks to Zahid and Abg MAz for coming all the way to give me your support and i appreciated it, although i wish that you guys could stay longer hehehe…

maz and zahead



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