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After the Pangkor Journey, i finally get my hands on the white machine(Xbox).There are couple of games that i want to finish before entering my upcoming semester.Its already entered second week of me playing the infamous Resident Evil 5 starring Chris Redfield and today finally after all of the hard work and cunning tactic, I finally had finished the game.Wiiiiiiiiii :rotfl: The game play was rather complicated than the previous version of the Resident Evil series and it might take quite of sometimes to adapt to it.New features and improved graphic can be seen from the game.Who might thought that the mindless zombies could now carried AK 47 weapon and throwing grenades o you?No more running around the corner and try to overcome the foes with your speed since these improved type of enemy is now had a mind of its own.Mind you, be careful with those Majin carrying the Gatling gun.

In the first series Albert Wesker is the main antagonist of the game and now he is back for more with improved strength and agility beyond superhuman and all thanks to the Virus that has been infecting him making him superhuman.My favorite weapon in the game is the stun rod.It really save you from using lots of ammunition however the setback is, those infected personal could also use the same type of weaponry moreover they even can shield and wear protective gears made out of steel.

I spent almost 1 and a half hours shooting at the final boss, the Majin Wesker until i discovered that is not the correct way to take him down.I kept on shooting at that monster’s weak spot on his behind and throwing everything i got at him when the weak spot opened on his chest.However the correct method to kill it is by shooting it on his back at the same weak spot and when it emerged on its chest, grappled it from behind and let your partner throw everything she got on its now opened wide weak spot on its chest and thus the end of Albert Wesker.Is it?Is this the end of the Resident Evil Series i can’t be to sure.However, the series already running for 11 years since the first incident at the mansion if any of you remembered.How nostalgic, a simple polygon graphic game at that time could generate a big name for itself today.

Gundam 00
Gundam 00

As for the Gundam 00, its finally come to the last series and ending could really put some lesson towards us.The main vision of the anime is to let us human to understand each other in order to create a harmonious world and unite us all in one single society that could live without fear and in peace.It is one of the great anime that i have watched so far.And if you guys had the extra time, it’s a good idea to spent a couple of hours per day to watch it.And i ensure you that you won’t be disappointed.



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