Wah wah got to stop~

Semalam i call you, you tak answer :-D hehehehe song from Zee Avi title Kantoi introduced by my cousin Am.Sebenarnya nak cerita pasal semalam tapi tetiba mengarut 2 second ngeh~ So yesterday i woke up at 8 am and continued my Micro C assignment and after a while, i indulged myself with the King Bounty.Yup it’s a game people reviewed on it on the next blog.Jadi, selepas penat membunuh naga2 dan orang jahat, saya bersiap -siap sambil menunggu Maz datang ke bilik.

Macam dah planned jer, selepas menyarungkan baju, terpacul si Maz di depan pintu bersama aksesori kameranya.So kiteorang pun head out ke terminal Putra bersama kereta baru si Zahid :-D .Selepas tiba di terminal putra aku pun berpisah dengan si Maz :cry:.Sambil2 tu call la Miss D untuk mengconfirmkan tempat yang hendak dituju.KLCC.Kenapa KLCC?si nakik yang comey nak pergi melihat Petrosains.Sambil – sambil menunggu Miss D dan keluarga nya sampai , aku meninjau – ninjau “window shopping’ di sekitar KLCC.Wah, banyak pulak tempat yang mengadakan jualan murah.Mula lah mata meraban nak membeli.I went to the Z shop and surveyed the place and i found they got a new brand shoe.Aduyai kenapa stop ney.Dalam 1 month ney aku dah beli dekat 5 pasang kasut dah.I just bought myself another jacket yesterday Arghh!!!

It seems like Miss D will be late, so i decided to eat by myself.Apa lagi, i went to the Sushi King and grab myself a Salmon Steak and my favourite Chuuka Idako.tengah2 makan tu, dieorang play pulak lagu tema 1 litre of tears.Tetiba teringat JDrama yang sedih tu, and i know lots of my friend nangis tengok cite ney.Kan Miss D? :-P So makan lah sampai kenyang Perghh memang best tak terkata.Afterwards i went to Kinokuniya took look for the lastest book available for reading.I found the Communication System reference book by Pathi.Read it for a couple of minutes and i went to the magazines section to READ :-D hehehe.

Tired of the words, i give Miss D a call, and seems like there are still unfinished business at the B.Centre.so i made up my mind, let’s head to Pavi for awhile.So, grab myself an afogato from the infamous Starbuck and i head out towards the Pavi.While i was there, Miss D give me a call telling that she already arrived.Well, i let her went to the Petrosains with her family since it would be impossible for me to join them.Bought a couple of shirt and i went straight back to the Suria.They only halfway through the exhibition, in the helicopter section if i was not mistaken.So i treat myself to the San Francisco coffee.Never really had anyof those before this, and si Diba is insisting that is quite good.Well, it turns out she was correct by i prefer my afogato :-P.

After couple of minutes, there she was with his family, Aunt Murni, Abg rahmad, Iman,Akim, and Nakik.Since everyone is hungry, we went to grab ourselves something to eat.We talk a lot of thing during the eating ceremony.Finished eating me,Miss D,Iman,akim and Abg rahmad went around the boutiques to find clothes for Abg rahmad.Keluar, masuk, keluar,masuk banyak jugak lah kedainya.I was thinking in getting a new watch for myself hehehe maybe next time.

After awhile we were parted, and i went directly to wangsa maju since zahid will be picking me up there.Next station malis corner!!Been awhile since i had one of those nasi lemak.During the dinner, si Maz and Acap is talking about our state of country.Well i let them be since i was not in the mood in debating at the moment, in front of the sweet fried chicken muahaha~finished eating we went back to the U.



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  1. freaking weirdo? 5 pair of shoes in one month? when can i expect mine to arrive since raya is just around the corner. and please, no mat rempit stlye of footwear as i am much much classy than those fucking faggots.

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