Lelaki ini yang berbintang Scorpio

Aku bukanlah seorang yang percaya kepada zodiak, tapi aku berpendapat apa yang di tulis tentang zodiak seseorang adalah melalui kajian dan pemerhatian daripada pakar yang suka mengkaji manusia dan hasilnya timbullah keputusan seperti berikut.

Of all the zodiac signs, this one has the most direct personality.

The Scorpio is one of the most loyal of the Zodiac signs and backs that loyalty with both words and actions, but you have to earn their respect.

A Scorpio individual is characterized with an attractive personality.

Scorpions can be deadly dangerous people in terms of anger. Once wronged or once their pride has been diminished, the game of courtesy is over and you can expect merciless lashing. 

A Scorpio’s deep insight into every thing makes him difficult to be understood. 

If you have a Scorpio as a friend, you have a very loyal friend indeed.

You might think that the Scorpio is an uncaring individual because of their tough exterior and direct manner. This is simply not true. Emotions run deep in the Scorpio personality and often they can’t express them openly or choose not to do so.If they love you, they love you deeply but if you cross them, they keep score.The emotionally wounded Scorpio either leaves your life forever or finds a way to settle an emotional injury. The Scorpio retaliation is one of the worse of any of the Zodiac signs. It leaves the object of his anger devastated with an often well thought out plan for revenge. Don’t ever let that cool exterior fool you, the Scorpio emotions run deep and strong. If they’re angry, they leave a path of carnage.

If you’re lucky enough to get close to this more introverted personality of the Zodiac signs, you’ll find a true friend that helps move mountains when it’s necessary to solve your problems.

Saja je nak buat entri ni,nak buat research tentang diri, tapi kebanyakan dekat atas tu memang gambarkan aku pun, jadi kalau yang baca tu fahamlah ye.




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  1. I am an scorpio and I see everything in this article that my friends says about me. I have been emotionally injured recently and I could not believe it could scar me so much.

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