It’s been quite sometimes since I updated my blog.Well, i got a few things on my hand that need to be handle first.So it’s already in the month of February.Most people i know love this month especially those who was born on 29th hehehe…seems like you won’t be aging this year.Well since entering this month,i received a lots of assignment and presentation that need to be settle before the end of this month.I got presentation on my hand,2 phase test,2 quiz,1 lab report,2 email need to be submit,1 company visit and 1 project,well if you count project for pro will be 2 projects.Well i am starting to learn Mandarin this month and I find it enjoyable.At least,i learn something new right?It’s not that tough although the process in pronunciation will twist your tongue in all direction.i manage to write my own name in mandarin,well even afterward i realize i sound a rather weird.Well i just changed my themes for the website since i received lots of feedback asking on how to comment your blog.Well it was truly my mistake actually.Sorry guys and thanks for spending times reading my thought.Hurm…it’s been quite a while since I play bowling,i hope this coming mid term break..i will bowl all day long.Well back to my campus issues..It seems a couple of issues has been on the rise lately.

1st the loan

I don’t know what is going on but it seems most of us haven’t received our first cheque..although there are notices around campus that remind us to pay our tuition fee starting march.Well something must been done,or else how am i suppose to pay for the tuition fee…

2nd the parking lots

It quite understandable that parking space is limited, so there has been an issue on where do student need to park their vehicle since the parking space locating outside of the campus is limited…something must be done quickly,if it was up to me,i will use the field as the parking space.since i don’t see any purpose that field laying out there.Football?well we got wifi right?just play fifa 2009 and you will be mesmerized with it graphic.Or worse,play futsal or as i would like to called it ‘footsal’..

3rd the hostel fee

There are rumor that the fee will be raise again..well it just a rumour but not a good one though, so i suggest the person who in charge..think about it,the lender already raise our allowance,but with the increase price of fee, plus that stupid cafe expensive price,how can student survive?are you try to drain our blood out?

Well let me stop there.Hurm, recently i join a club name GPMS which stance for Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung.I went to the first meeting and i find it rather interesting.My first impression that this club is only focus on politic.But i was wrong.They are group of people who gather to help the society especially the Malays throughout the peninsular of Malaysia.However, i found out that there already certain individual or group of people against the society.I don’t know what the reason are,cause some of them already starting to talk badly about us.Maybe the establishment of this society effect their position..maybe they think that this society is a threat..I don’t know.Well sooner or later,we will soon find out.

Well, i think i end my story here.I got a few thing to write actually.Well maybe next time.


Persis Mutiara by Trisha



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  1. God, lil’ Trisha is heavenly adorable! ^^ well bout that GPMS club, my dear kazen firdaus is kinda ‘org kuat’ there. its a good club of society btw, dnt just listen to d rumors k =)

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