Dawn the awakening~

Today according to the real plan, i supposedly went to the cinema and watch that Angel and Demon.Since Paan already bought the ticket, im end up ticket less  (betul ke ayat ney) and i spent my whole  night in front of this monitor.Replying comments, updating blogs, edit some picture, play romance of the three kingdom,eat KFC, play some more until i end up watching 4 episode of Hikaru No Go.I notice that the connection with the internet is getting worse.Downloading become so slow and it drives me mad.Supposedly, i could download 70MB files in 7 minutes but now it takes almost 40 minutes.What the hell is wrong with you?

My character is at level 24 now and it’s only matter of time i get to use that powerful 2 handed axe (forgot the name already).Seems like i need companion to take down those Bandit general.They could easily wiped me out in 4 stroke.Most of the guys, i don’t know,they didn’t bother to the quest and they keep leveling like mad,Kicking those Denng Mu’s ghost butt ( if they had any) until i notice when i stop play the game at 4 o clock and continue palying it at 10 p.m they still there keep beating those ghost sorry asses.Uishh…how long can you lock into games guys?well, i only confront the situation if I’m in front my PS2 playing the infamous Final Fantasy series or the Star Ocean titles.I could go on for hour and hours till i fell asleep on the couch.Hey, I even can continue playing them in my dreams.Unfortunately, it couldn’t be done using the X box 360 unless you want to win yourself the legendary Three Ring Of Death.

I heard the new Star Ocean will come out soon, and i was hoping that i could finish it before i went back to college.Well, talking about games, i already gather a lots of games, and when i mean a lot, its a lot lor~Assassin Creed,Last Remnant,Devil May Cry 4,Call of Duty 4,call of Duty 5, Warhammer 2, hospital tycoon,Fallout 3 and lots more.When could i possible finished all of this title.Guess it won’t be in the near future doesn’t it…Not to mention the my Nintendo DS’s title.

When i went back to Kuantan, my hope was that my stress and pressure from study could be lifted.I guess i was wrong, even in Kuantan got lots of issues and problems that if, given an option, i want to avoid it.But i guess something we need to confront rather than keep those issues become worse.Lots of thing happen here, and to tell the truth , i already fed up with all of the conflict and useless argument that people keep bringing up just ..i don’t know maybe some of us really love confrontation and thought that world revolves around us.They are wrong i told you, cause world doesn’t revolve around you.

I love blogging and mind you,i could rant and writing all types of nonsense that i could ever think of in my head and still if there is a reader i will appreciate it.Most of us like to comment what the people are writing either it could be because of the idea or the way somebody elaborate the flow of the story i don’t know.Let me remind you, blogging is a medium for one to express themselves and to pour their thought and ideas into it.One thing for sure, nobody ask the reader to use blog as a guidance in their daily life.Some people, maybe they think, oh the blog is talking about me and start to make up stories or comment that the writer is nonsense and cruel or bad.Well, if you don’t like those blog, stop reading it,nobody will force you to read it.Am i right?

I read lots of blog from politic till the blog that tells daily activities.Even though i disagree with some of the opinion state in those blog, the less i could do is to express my opinion by commenting the articles.Remember,just give our side point of view not to force people to believe in what believe in.There are some blog that tell about jokes that make me laugh my arse off.I cant remember but i did come across one blog that talks about how a guy is badmouthing a girl and in the end, the guy is actually has feeling for that girl.It’s a funny story and i give kudos to the writer.Either she/he is good in writing  jokes,or she is good in making up story, or even she is trying to tell the whole world how famous or beautiful she is.I can remember who is the writer but im ensure you that the writer is a girl.Why would a guy writing something from a girl point of view.I could be mistaken though hurm~ahhh never mind.

So i can see lots of blog space is spreading like mushroom today.If only we could eat them hehehe…Im getting sleepy and i don’t want to miss my Jumaat’s prayer so i see you tommorow.



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  1. hyep..for me, blogging is about passion in writing,seriously u could talk about everything you want in it..maybe once in a while we need to let ourselves become the center of the universe..but to make up such stories maybe we need a creative imagination,is it somebody you know prince?

    1. well maybe, its her first time kot.I don’t know.Somebody i knew?well, like i said i didnt remember where did i read those writing…BTW thanks for reading my blog heehe

  2. heh, yup i agree with you that blog is where could express our thought and feeling..
    BTW, the writer is very funny, kenapa nak bagitau bahawa somebody ade crush dengan you?maybe die rarely get that hahaha

  3. more like a therapy for me.. my sedative, my own version of aspirin.. gagagaga.. well, i gained another link in my blog so that i can check the updates everyday.. :)

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