Caramel Afogato Versus Espresso Tiramisu

So today as usual, i woke up and after brushing my teeth its Xbox live again today.After achieve a few promotion from COD.After quite sometime, i received a phone call from Adik, asking me if i want to join he and his uncle for lunch.Since i didnt even take my bath yet so i guess i had to turned down the offer.Well me made an arrangement to meet up later.So after taken my bath and put on my red TMAN tshirt, i went to their grandma house.

After taken those two we went to the Starbuck as we planned.We talk and we talk about lots of things and suddenly some familiar face come and approached us.It was Lokman and his ‘girl friend’ the status was unknown but his friend is definitely a girl hehehe.After a while i met up with Afnan talk for a while a bout our recent project and works and future opportunities.Seems like he already join one of those MLM, well good luck to you bro.

the girl,lokman,amsyar,abg
the girl,lokman,amsyar,abg

Afnan had to take his leave after awhile and i went back to our table.Eceh ‘our’ table.After awhile, Amsyar joined us and we started to talk about the loan, education, on how the system of our education was conduct by certain individual, about unfair and others thing.Hey, remember you will give me , FOC when i brought my sport car to your shop eh..the one with Pelepah Kelapa hehehe.

After awhile everybody needs to take their leave and i had to sent these two twins to the terminal at 9 p.m since they will going back to their collage to night.So, See you and study hard.ADios!!~



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  1. Hey T.J. you are not alone! How do you think I know so much about the movie I bought the dnemad thing too! Way back in the old days,lol,you never knew what you would find.

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